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A Fusion of 'Food' × 'Sake' at the Foot of Mount Fuji!

Enjoy Delicious Sake Near Mount Fuji!
We've Created Six Shops in One Location!

What's "Fujisan Yokocho"?


A Collective of Izakayas

Fujisan Yokocho was created to gather izakayas. The purpose is to 'drink!' or 'eat!' You can satisfy your mood here with everything in one place!

Devotion to Deliciousness

Since the facility owner is a gourmet enthusiast, all the shops inside the facility offer top-notch cuisine. Under a well-organized management system, with the guidance of advisors, the food service leaves no room for disappointment.

"Quick and Easy"or
"Relaxed and Leisurely"

We have also put great emphasis on creating an ambiance that caters to both quick and relaxed experiences. With meticulous attention to the spatial design, you can enjoy a casual drink on the first floor and experience a completely different atmosphere for leisurely enjoyment on the second floor. Come and relish the contrasting vibes!

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運営元 株式会社富士コーポレーション
代表 佐野 貴大